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The design background of "DOUBLE HAPPINESS" is the entry of Montana FREEPLAY CHINA Design Competition, which was initiated by Montana and three distributors in North China, East China and Southwest China. Local designers and industry enthusiasts have freely created Montana System to create furniture with local characteristics and show the Chinese lifestyle.
Beijing, China _ Macro
When it comes to today's China and Beijing, they remind people of its rapid development, internationalization, inclusiveness, and openness, as well as the corresponding current lifestyle. However, in such an era, the collision and integration of culture can easily make the Chinese lose themselves, and the traditional culture is undergoing a severe test. Therefore, as a cultural producer, it is our duty to extract high-quality parts and sublimate them
Beijing, China _ Micro
Whether it's the Chinese knot and weaving of handicrafts, or the lattice windows and screens in buildings, they all convey a unique aesthetic experience and life style. The wisdom of Chinese craftsmen makes the created things have gaps and blanks. They are like breathing life, and they are permeated and organically related with nature. Maybe this is a kind of delight, in local life, and the inspiration source of "DOUBLE HAPPINESS".
Prototype _ Double Happiness Paper Cutting
As an ancient folk art, paper cutting art is also an art of hollowing out. It can give people a sense of visual hollowing out and artistic enjoyment. It contains a clear relationship between picture and background. Every festival or wedding celebration, people paste beautiful and bright "double happiness" paper-cutting on the windows, walls, doors, and lanterns of their homes, and the festival atmosphere is warmer, "double happiness" is also a symbol of happy life.
"DOUBLE HAPPINESS" extracts the essence of traditional physical space, transforms the spiritual core of emptiness, elegance, and transparency into modern home language, generates products that meet the needs of contemporary work, life, and public aesthetics. Improving the user experience to obtain multiple happiness is its ultimate significance.

Type of Project: Product Design
Time: July 2019
Cost: 1713 euro