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Sanya Surprise Boutique Hotel
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Sanya Surprise Boutique Hotel
Sanya Surprise Boutique Hotel, formerly Sanya Weijia Business Hotel before renovation, is located at No.129 Linchun River, Hedong District, Sanya, with elegant environment and convenient transportation. It is only 5 kilometers away from Sanya Bay, Dadonghai, Deer Looking Back scenic spot, Beauty Crown Opera House, and Government Affairs Center. The hotel was decorated according to star level in 2011. It is an upscale hotel integrating business and vacation. However, as time goes by, the space environment of the hotel can no longer meet the current market demand, and the facilities are too old-fashioned, thus, it is urgent to be update and improve the quality of the space environment.
The renovation includes the renovation of facade, the design of the lobby on the ground floor, corridor and public area, and prototype room. Before the renovation, the overall color atmosphere is mainly warm colors. Beige walls and mahogany furniture are associated with the home style of the 1990s.
The renovation strategy is based on the principle of achieving the maximum quality at the lowest cost, without changing the wall structure. Only taking overall color scheme and furniture design as the starting point of the renovation design, the selection and collocation of materials are carefully studied. Sanya's overall market positioning is mainly based on the type of tourism and vacation, and the consumers are young people, as a result, the overall positioning is modernism design language, showing a generous and concise space aesthetics.
The renovation of Sanya Surprise Boutique Hotel is a practice of enhancing product value through design empowerment, so that the products that were on the verge of being eliminated in the market can be turned into gold and rejuvenate new space vitality.


Type of Project: Hotel renovation
Time: August 2017
Location: Sanya, Hainan Province
Construction Area: 3300㎡