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DL Babershop Sanlitun Branch
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DL Babershop Sanlitun Branch

Barber is a very different term, referring to providing service only for men. Its workplace is called barbershop. "Barber shop", a kind of men's culture, exists with the classic fashion of retro oil head. Unlike some barber shops on the street, it takes 1-1.5 hours to have a haircut.
Barber shop is a culture where guests can not only enjoy the barber service quietly, but also drink a beer and communicate new things with each other. Men who know each other often gather in barbershop to cut their hair and shave, while telling jokes, brag, and talking about politics with barbers, and letting go of themselves and boasting. The doors of the man world are welcome to participate together. In recent years, barber culture has developed at an amazing speed in China.
Dribblelife Barbershop in Beijing is a men's barbershop founded by Dameitian and Jieqiushou. Sports and life are integrated, aiming to make every boy have a simple and fresh hair style. The haircut style tends to American style, paying attention to details, lines, and gradients.
The renovation design for the new Sanlitun Branch of Dribblelife Barbershop also conforms to the theme of American community. Based on the principle of minimizing the interference to the original house, through giving new color scheme and special customized furniture system, in a small space, it realizes the possibility of carrying diversified activities including friend gathering, bar, playing games, party and others.


Type of Project: Renovation
Time: November – December 2019
Location: Sanlitun, Beijing