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MXY Tortoise Pot Barbecue Beijing Flagship Store
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MXY Tortoise Pot Barbecue Beijing Flagship Store

This project is a renovation project, originally a barbecue shop decorated with logs. In line with the demand of industrial style put forward by the owner, the log wall is demolished. The steel, paint with the texture of cement, stainless steel mirror, iron mesh and the perforated panels used on the façade that highlight the characteristics of industrial style most, are selected as the material language to deal with the overall language unity of the new shop.
The concrete operation logic is also to carry out the overall and partial design based on the idea of solving specific problems. The cost saving is considered in the renovation of the facade, not all of which have been removed, only the name of the original store has been removed, the whole is covered with black perforated plate, the evenly divided separation lines with gray square steel highlight the clear constructing logic. People standing in front of the door can vaguely see the original patterned wooden board through the perforated plate, behind delicate steel mesh, it reveals a trace of mystery.
The floor and wall of the interior part are painted with cement texture paint. The separation of the bar cabinet, storage cabinet and dining area is in a unified formal language to ensure the integrity of the space. The compartment on the second floor has a unique separation. Through the treatment of the virtual upper and the physical lower, the privacy is guaranteed and the line of sight can be penetrated in the meantime. The overall split end of the separation is like a screen with sliding doors, which adds enjoyment.
It is worth mentioning that the owners are all young people who are keen on skiing. The operation of the barbecue can not only provide delicious food for the society, but also hope to make the acquaintance of like-minded friends. Therefore, the team's illustrator specially created a mural system, which makes up for the monotonous and boring features of the wall with industrial style.


Type of Project: Renovation
Time: February 2019- July 2019
Location: Beijing
Construction: 200㎡