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The House of Black, White, and Gray
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The House of Black, White, and Gray

Design Strategy
This project is a renovation project, which is divided into public area and bathroom area. There are three main problems in the public area: one is the lack of porch space due to the shortcoming of the old house; the second the access to outdoor terrace being too direct, lack of transition; the third is the lack of clear space waste.
The strategy of "kill three birds with one stone" was adopted. Through the introduction of glass bricks, the buffer space leading to the terrace is enclosed, the porch space and the living room space are defined, which not only makes the space more distinct, but also makes the fuzzy and ambiguous space clearer.
Distinguishing between the Public and the Private
Public area and private area are divided by a 7-meter-long "cabinet wall". The door of cabinet is painted with black baking finish, which can enlarge the space to a certain extent through the reflection effect. To enter the private area, it needs to pass through the "invisible door" with the same shape as the cabinet door, adding a little interest to the daily life.
The renovation of the bathroom area is tricky. In the limited space, it needs to accommodate such many functional requirements as washing, bathtub, shower, toilet, and storage. The problem was solved by knocking out the small storage room of the original master bedroom, merging with the small toilet, and repeatedly deliberating on the plan.
Spatial Language
The owner of this case is a newly married couple of post-90s, who have a special interest in industrial style. In order to neutralize the coldness brought by industrial style, the furniture color is mainly burlywood, adding a trace of warm atmosphere. The overall design adopts modernism design techniques, forming a unique minimalist industrial style.

Work Team

Lead Architect: Hang Wang
Design Team: Yang Ding, Bingxin Yang
Type of Project: Renovation
Time: September 2018-June 2019
Location: Beijing
Construction Area: 140㎡