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City Station, Large-Scale Performing Arts Center
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City Station, Large-Scale Performing Arts Center

Jan Gale mentioned in Communications and Space that the physical conditions of outdoor places have a huge impact on the quality of the space and people’s participation in activities in the space. Many activities that occur will also increase the probability of occurrence. If the material conditions are good, the occurrence rate of many activities that would not have happened would also increase.
"City Station" is an architectural design for large-scale performing arts. The base is located at the intersection of Fengbao Road and Baotai Road, Fengtai District, Beijing. It is close to the Dabaotai subway station in the south, adjacent to the World Park in the northwest and the Huaxiang Park with 3000-mu green forest in the south. There are a mass of residential areas in the north and southwest of the site.
Most human activities around the base are necessary behaviors related to life. Combined with the survey, it can be called "sleeping city". Too large living area in the city will bring negative impact on the promotion of urban vitality.
For public buildings, publicity is a self-evident and inevitable attribute. Public buildings should be a kind of building type to undertake urban responsibilities. However, according to the investigation of the actual situation, the public buildings in Beijing generally lack the required publicity, even if the citizens have material and spiritual needs, they are not provided good services.

As a large-scale public building for performing arts, firstly, it is indispensable to present a democratic and people-oriented attitude. According to the relationship between the bases, the performing arts center surrounded by "sleeping city" is transformed into a "pacemaker" of community vitality, that is, "City Station", which provides material and spiritual services for the surrounding and even more radiated urban residents. Activating and improving the vitality of the urban area is the core content of this case.


Type of Project: Performing Arts Building
Time: September – December 2014
Location: Fengtai District, Beijing
Total Construction Area: 43257㎡
Green Area: 4453㎡