The Earth of Wood - Architecture - 水行设计 Shuǐ Xíng Design
The Earth of Wood
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The Earth of Wood
The project is located in Beijing International Sculpture Park on the west extension of Chang'an Street in Beijing. The specific location is at the east end of the landscape avenue. It adopts multi-level lapping with CLT, meaning "the earth". It can be a stage for one person or a show for the whole world. The lawn viewing area is about 1400 square meters, which can accommodate more than 1500 people. It is a semi-open space with practicability and artistry and is also the venue for exhibitions, concerts, and other activities.
All Linked with One Another
The large-scale grassy slope stand is limited by the strip stones, and the small-scale wooden structure stand is wrapped by the circular anti-corrosion wooden benches, and the circular arch stage is naturally produced. The wood structure is used to create a place where summer concert and community dance floor can be held in the future.
Landscape Satge
A concise circular way is used to enclose the activity venue, with the intention of forming a stage as if it is a natural landscape growing from the lawn. Through the enclosure of colorful forest, the venue is provided for the launch events, small-scale concerts, exhibitions, and other activities. It is usually used as a leisure and entertainment venue for the people, increasing the participatory interest of the entire venue.

Partly Hidden and Partly Visible
In the national sculpture culture and art park, in order to echo the overall cultural and artistic tone of the sculpture park, the design of the stage part is expected to have a certain creativity. The multi-level overlapping structure of CLT forms a space. People from different perspectives and distances would get gleaming and varied visual results, which is quite dramatic. 


Type of Project: Architectural Design
Time: December 2016
Location: Beijing International Sculpture Park