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Shadow of Steel Bamboo
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Shadow of Steel Bamboo
The project is located in the Beijing International Sculpture Park on the west extension line of Chang'an Street in Beijing. The architectural design in a national-level sculpture culture and art park should naturally be both practical and artistic.
Enclosure and Definition
The specific location of "Shadow of Steel Bamboo" is located at the enlarged node of Ginkgo Avenue, the newly planned landscape axis of Sculpture Park, which will be venue for the opening ceremony of the festival and grand gathering of art exchange. Therefore, it is the core mission of "Shadow of Steel Bamboo" to enclose the Art Square, with the intention of providing a stage like background barrier for the square.
Infiltration and Transition
As the "Shadow of Steel Bamboo" is located at the junction of the Art Square and the area of forest and lawn, the second important role is how to realize the transition and connection. The roof composed of the abstract bucket arch system limits the space of "Shadow of Steel Bamboo", and the dense column system as the support is distributed sparsely and densely accordance with the stress of the structure, achieving the space effect of fuzzy, transparent, and inseparable.
The Generation of Plan
Taking the boundary of the site as the base control line, the plan generates as if growing naturally from the base. The starting point of the "Shadow of Steel Bamboo" intervention is to strengthen the relationship with the site, enhance the characteristics of the site, and strive to achieve a high degree of agreement with the site.
Spatial Intention
The characteristics of the space formed by the dense columns are like the natural bamboo forest, with the layers being fuzzy and the vision being transparent, the mottled bamboo shadow is formed under the sunlight, which brings the nimble temperament to the site. On the basis of enclosing the site, the sight and behavior of tourists can be traversed.
Traditional Metaphor
In order to satisfy the functional requirements of "Shadow of Steel Bamboo" for speech and launch events in the art festival and grand gathering, the quasi constructing method "Bracket" is used to form a cantilevered in the center and create an experience of stage. The abstract bracket conforms to the contemporary aesthetic concept.


Type of Project: Architectural Design 
Time: December 2016
Location: Beijing International Sculpture Park