Golden-roofed Pavillion - Architecture - 水行设计
Golden-roofed Pavillion
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Golden-roofed Pavillion
Golden Roof Pavilion is a monumental landscape building located in Anxin Garden of Sun Palace. Anxin Garden is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Xibahe Road and Sun Palace South Street, close to Sun Palace Station of Metro Line 10, with a total area of 2.87 hectares.
It is said that when the Emperor, Qianlong, of the Qing Dynasty passed this place during a tour, a sunrise rose from the east, which covered a beautiful golden glow to a nearby village. He was attracted by such a gorgeous scenery and thought that the village was the closest to the sun, so he gave it the name of "Sun Palace". After people learned that, in order to thank the "Emperor's Graciousness", they built a temple to worship the sun god, named "Sun Palace". The sun god is worshiped here on the first day of the second month of the lunar calendar every year, because it is said that the sun's birthday is on the first day of the second month of the lunar calendar. Its purpose is to pray for good weather for the crops and a bumper grain harvest. The temple, which held people's good hope, was gradually destroyed, leaving only the name "Sun Palace".
As the core space of the park, the most important subject of this design is to inherit the historical memory of Beijing area and shapes modern urban life of Golden Roof Pavilion implicitly and poetically. Around the 24 solar terms courtyard, we take the building of Sun Palace as the prototype, and create four interlocking and consecutive corridor spaces, each of which is an extremely abstract ancient building, only composed of a golden roof and free white shear wall. The interpenetration of the roof and the harmony of the space form a rich and interesting experience. The space with white walls is convenient for the community to arrange exhibitions and activities in the future, and it can more clearly show the light and shadow changes brought by the sun rising and setting in the east and west every day. The organic whole composed of four abstract topological spaces not only highlights the theme of the Sun Palace, but also is a metaphor for the organic form presented by the former Sun Palace Village.

Type of Project: Memorable Building
Location: Chaoyang District, Beijing
Construction Area: 136㎡